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River Laxa Myvatn

River Laxa Myvatn is an enchanting river to fish and worldwide known for its fantastic wild brown trout, stunning surroundings and for the rich birdlife along the river.The brown trout are of all sizes but the main attraction besides the stunning nature is the sizable average weight. The most common size of fish is two up to five pounds, but six up to eight pound “brownies” are not uncommon at all. Several larger brown trout are also caught every season. SEE MORE

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Salmon river Ellidaar

Salmon river Ellidaar runs through the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. From the source in Lake Ellidavatn the river finds its way for six kilometres down to the estuary. The Ellidaar has proved productive when runs have been good and salmon evenly dispersed. The upper reaches of the river are among the best fly fishing beats in Iceland. One pool leads straight into the next. Waters are calm and branches run through wetlands and down some rocky steps. SEE MORE

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Salmon river Langa

The salmon river Langa is a medium wolume river, fished entirely from the river banks or by wading. The Langa has frequently been among the most productive salmon rivers in Iceland and has rightly earned worldwide acclaim. The river has benefited from the construction of a number of fish ladders increasing both fish habitat and resultant fishing. All the pools on the Langa are easily accessible by car and little walking is required. SEE MORE

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River Litlaa Trout & Char

Litlaa in Kelduhverfi is one of the most productive trout rivers of Iceland. The abnormally high water temperature of approximately 12°C is derived from the combination of a warm source and cold water from a lake, joining to produce the superb water qualities that supports what is arguably the best stocked sea trout river in Iceland. The river also has a fine stock of stationary brown trout and arctic char. There is also a good chance to catch a salmon later on in the season. The Litlaa river allows "Fly fishing only" and "Catch and release" policies. River Litlaa is divided into 6 areas and the entire riverbank is accessible to the limited number of 5 daily rods at any one time. There is no fishing lodge at the riverside but many farmers in the vicinity offer self catering lodges and lodges where full service is provided. SEE MORE

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Welcome to our New Webpage

Go-Fishing Iceland has been an authorized tour operator since 2005. From the start our aim has always been offering professionally, but reasonable priced personal services. To begin a new chapter it is my pleasure to present our new webpage and the new Go-Fishing Iceland logo. We offer various kind of brown trout, arctic char and salmon fishing options. Please be welcome to get in touch. We would gladly help you to get the most out of your stay by arranging a fishing tour to remember. Tight lines for 2014!! Mr.Heimir Bjarnason Owner, managing director

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