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Highland Fishing & Hiking

Arnarvatnsheidi lakes & streams The huge and completely wild area known as Arnarvatnsheidi, is a vast highland moor lands littered with numerous lakes and interconnecting rivers and streams, full of arctic char and brown trout. The Arnarvatnsheidi is framed with a stunning panorama of mountain ranges and glaciers. The trail to Arnarvatnsheidi leads from the upper reaches of the Borgarfjördur region through a great lava field called Hallmundarhraun into the moor lands. The tracks are rough and require 4WD vehicles. Most of the arctic char weight from 0,5 to 2,5 kg, while brown trout are most commonly weighting in at 1 to 3 kg. Weighed nymphs and streamer flies are extremely popular in these lakes and streams and in recent years, when conditions allow, dry flies are often up to the task. Arnarvatnsheidi Fishing Packages 2014 For the adventurous Arnarvatnsheidi is the place to explore with almost endless opportunities for fishing & hiking. Some of the lakes require even serious walking to be visited. Our Arnarvatnsheidi packages are specially designed for those who prefer to combine hiking with fishing, stay in tents and fish self-guided. The packages are price inclusive ground transport to and fro the area as well as fishing permits. Packages suitable for group number of two persons up to six. Each fishing permit allows the angler to fish approx. 26 lakes situated at the southern part of the Arnarvatnsheidi. The fishing permit is as well valid for the areal interconnecting rivers & streams. MORE INFO

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River “Minni” Trout

The brown trout river Minnivallalaekur or the "Minni" as usually called is located in the lush southern part of Iceland. The "Minni" is a small, sensitive and gin clear stream with many diverse fishing spots, ideally suited for upstream nymphing, dry fly fishing as well as fishing with streamers. The river is famous for producing wild brown trout in size range from 5 up to 8 kg each season, with the average size range from 1 up to 2 kg. The fishing is limited to four rods at a time per day and the fish caught must be released. The 2014 season closed with approx 300 brown trout. The lodge, situated next to the river, has proved very popular with our clients. It sits on a bend in the river, right next to one of the best pools and with a magnificent view to Mt. Hekla in the distance. There are four twin-bedrooms, two bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, dining room, sitting room, and a veranda with a hotpot. The river is let on a self-catering basis. SEE MORE

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Laxa Myvatn Fly Fishing

The brown trout river Laxa Myvatn is offering fantastic dry fly fishing. The Laxa is an enchanting river and worldwide known for its fantastic wild brown trout, stunning surroundings and for the rich birdlife along the river.The Laxa is the most fertile stream in Iceland. Black fly larvae sift substances from the water and constitute the river’s most important food. The brown trout are of all sizes but the main attraction besides the stunning nature is the sizable average weight. The most common size of fish is two up to five pounds, but six up to eight pound “brownies” are not uncommon at all. Several larger brown trout are also caught every season. SEE MORE

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