River Breiddalsa – Salmon fishing

River Breiddalsa is the only notable salmon river in the East fiords of Iceland. It has a vast catchments area including three rivers. Breiddalsa meanders through a peaceful valley surrounded by high mountains until it is joined by its main tributary, the swifter and more rocky Tinnudulsa river.
The Breiddalsa is a small to medium-sized river. The river is fished entirely by wading, and most of the pools can be covered easily with either single or double-handed rods. Most of the pools on river Breiddalsa are easily accessible by car and little walking is required.

A notable smolt stocking program has been in place for several years on the river. This program has already moved the Breiddalsa river from a minor salmon producer in terms of Icelandic standards, up to be among the most productive salmon river systems of Iceland. Apart from the salmon, there is a lot of sea run arctic char in the Breiddalsa, mostly in the lower part. Many are of fine size