Sea Angling Tours from Reykjavik

The sea angling tours from Reykjavik are perfectly suited to those who simply wish to relax and enjoy pure Icelandic nature, fresh ingredients and to experience hands-on catching your own meal with stunning views.

The sea angling trips from Reykjavik suits everyone and it’s a great family sport. Sea angling is also perfect for the avid freshwater angler who wants to try something completely different by catching Cod, Haddock, Catfish and Pollock.

Our most popular sea angling tour is 4 hours and anglers take the boat privately. It takes about 30 minutes to sail to the closest fishing grounds. If you want to catch a larger fish, your chances are better further out where you might catch bigger but fewer fish.

Your skipper will throw a little BBQ for you on board where you will be able to taste your own fresh catch from the Atlantic Ocean. So not only will you have caught it yourself, but this will probably be the freshest meal of your life.

Often we see whales on the sea angling trips from Reykjavik. It is optional to do a combo tour where you do both sea angling and whale watching. If you choose to do so please let us know beforehand so we can inform the skipper.

Our experienced skippers look forward to welcoming you aboard. They will take you to the best fishing grounds the bay has to offer. If you have not tried sea angling before, don´t worry. Your skipper will happily assist you and pass on his knowledge.