Access 35 lakes with just one fishing license card.

The Veiðikortið 2018 “Fishing Card” is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With the Veiðikortið “Fishing Card” in your pocket you can fish almost as much as you like in the 35 lakes invloved. The lakes are situated all around Iceland. Each Veiðikortið 2018 “Fishing Card” package includes one license card, and one brochure, including all general information regarding the lakes, maps and travel. Veiðikortið 2018 is valid only for 2018.

Order the Veiðikortið 2018 “Fishing Card”

Each order will be delivered by postal mail (included in price of each order). Delivery estimate. Usually up to 12 working days.
If accepted the payment will take place on a secure payment area at Korta. The secure payment area at Korta is protected with SSL encryption and the payment process is in line with the requirements made by the international card companies, MasterCard International and Visa internatinal, a so called PCI-DSS standard.

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The Veidikortid 2018 “Fishing Card” is due ready to book in November.