River Stora Laxa – Salmon

River Stora Laxa is a medium volume river originating in the south central highlands. The Stora Laxa is a hugely dramatic river for most of its length as the river ploughs through deep sheer canyons amidst some amazing cliff sculptures.

The Stora Laxa has three separate beats fished with a total of ten daily rods. Each beat has a self catering lodge inclusive in price of each permit.

The nethermost beat is fished with four daily rods. The upper part of the beat is a low canyon with a string of pools, but the nethermost part consists of slow moving flow with many long cut bank pools fished from the lower gravel bank. The middle beat is a two rod beat consisting of two canyons and a flat section in between. The top beat fished with four daily rods is both challenging and dramatic with its long and deep canyons. It requires lots of hiking and climbing to be covered.

River Stora Laxa is located approx 100 km east of Reykjavik.