River Litlaa – Sea Trout – Brown Trout – Arctic Char – Fly Fishing

River Litlaa is a spring fed river that originally only came from a nearby source called Brunnar. The river also gets water from the lake Skjalftavatn that was formed by a massive earthquake and subsidence during the Krafla eruption in 1976.

The Litlaa is one of the most productive rivers of Iceland. The river has strong population of wild stationary brown trout and arctic char as well as sea trout. The abnormally high water temperature of approximately 12°C is derived from the combination of the warm source from Brunnar and the cold water from the lake, joining to produce the superb water qualities. The Litlaa river allows “Fly fishing only” and “Catch and release” policies.

The Litlaa is divided into six fishing sections plus the lake and accessible to the limited number of seven rods at any one time. Mostly all the fishing sections are easily accessible by using normal cars. To access some of the nether sections a 4×4 can be convenient.

The Litlaa lodge is offering either full board services or self catering.


By air. Reykjavik – Akureyri, approx 50 minutes, followed by one and half hour drive to the Litlaa. Air Iceland Connect

Driving. Main road. Reykjavik – Litlaa, approx 6 and half hours.