River Langa – Salmon

The Langa has frequently been among the most productive salmon rivers in Iceland and has rightly earned worldwide acclaim. The river has benefited from the construction of a number of fish ladders increasing both fish habitat and resultant fishing.

The Langa has water-regulating dam at the headwater lake which provides the river with a steady flow. In short the rivers water level stays stable far longer than that of rivers without such regulations. The salmon river Langa is a medium wolume river, fished entirely from the banks or by wading. All the pools on the Langa are easily accessible by car and little walking is required.

As with most south Iceland rivers, the Langa is primarily a grilse river, usually with size range from 4 – 7 pounds. River Langa is fished with maximum 12 rods per day during the prime season. The Langa river is ideally suited for fishing with single-handed fly rods with floating lines and small flies as well as small tubes. Favorite patterns such as the Red Frances and Black Frances, Collie Dog, Sunray Shadow, Langa Fancy and almost any micro-tube, especially when hitched.