River Svarta in Bardardalur – Brown Trout 

The brown trout river Svarta in Bardardalur is situated in the northern highlands, some 55 km inland from Husavik. The Svarta offers approximately 4 km of gorgeous trout water before joining the main glacier river Skjalfandafljot. The river’s source Lake Svartarvatn is set on a high plateau of rolling heathland with views to distant mountain tops to the south and the steep-sided Bardardalur valley to the west. The Svartarvatn lake and the many small springs on the south and east bed of the lake make up the important spawning grounds for the huge brown trout population to be found in the Svarta river.

The Svarta river boasts a high percentage of brown trout in the 3-6 pound category and several larger ones are hooked every year, often breaking leaders and bending hooks. Around every c