River Laxa Myvatn – Brown Trout

River Laxa Myvatn, the discharge of lake Myvatn is an enchanting river to fish and worldwide known for its fantastic wild brown trout, stunning surroundings and for the rich birdlife along the river.

The Laxa is the most fertile stream in Iceland. Black fly larvae sift substances from the water and constitute the river’s most important food. The brown trout are of all sizes but the main attraction besides the stunning nature is the sizable average weight. The most common size of fish is two up to five pounds, but six up to eight pound “brownies” are not uncommon at all. Several larger brown trout are also caught every season. Streamer flies seem to be the early summer most productive, but later on dry flies take center stage.

The upper Laxa is divided into two separated fishing beats. Fly fishing only and catch & release.

The Myvatnssveit beat, is situated where river Laxa flows from lake Myvatn in three channels. It alternately cascades or flows in still pools among beautiful islets grown with wood cranesbills, angelica, buttercups and willow. The price inclusive Myvatnssveit lodge is offering full board services.

The Laxardalur valley is the name of the lower beat. Running through the valley the river does not longer wind along in many channels among multiple islands. The river has mainly gathered its strength and flows like a tide, broad and powerful. The price inclusive Laxardalur lodge is offering full board services.

The lower Laxa is called Laxa in Adaldal and is divided into several separated fishing beats. The fish is slightly less in average weight than the “brownies” on the upper Laxa, but still of excellent size and brown trout up to ten pounds is possible to catch. All the lower Laxa beats offer the chance of catching sa