River Holaa – Arctic Char & Brown Trout

The Holaa river is beautifully surrounded and the arctic char and brown trout are of all sizes, with the most common size range from 1 lbs up to 2 lbs. The river is also supporting larger fish up to 6 lbs plus. The Holaa is a frequently productive river completely self-sustainable and supporting native fish.

For fly fishers the Holaa is ideally suited for upstream nymphing, dry fly fishing as well as for fishing with streamers. The Holaa is relatively easy to fish and suitable for both the experienced fishermen and beginners alike. The Holaa river is fished entirely from the river side or by wading. Most of the lies can be covered easily with single handed fly rods. Spin casting is also allowed and small lures and spinners are usually the most rewarding.

River Holaa is located on the Golden Circle route and the time of driving is approximately 1 hour from Reykjavík.