Veidivotn lakes – Brown Trout & Arctic Char Fishing

This part of the country is among the youngest and wildest pearls of the central highlands. It comprises about 50 lakes of different sizes, most of which are so-called crater lakes. The area is about 20 km long and 5 km wide and has a south-westerly – north-easterly direction. The craters and the lakes lies in two rows.

Most of the lakes are fed and discharged underground.

The original “ice age brown trout” is still to be found in Veidivotn lakes and is caught in 20-30 of those lakes. The brown trout range in size is mostly 1 to 3 kg and numerous brown trout up to 5 kg are caught annually as well. The bigger trout are most likely to bite in the evening during the latter part of summer. Good number of hard fighting arctic char are caught every year as well on Veidivotn lakes.

The natural food of the fish is varied, flies, chrysalides, worms, conches, sticklebacks etc…