Arnarvatnsheidi South – Highland Fishing

The huge and completely wild area known as Arnarvatnsheidi, is a vast highland moor lands littered with numerous lakes and interconnecting small streams, supported with arctic char and brown trout. The Arnarvatnsheidi is framed with a stunning panorama of mountain ranges and glaciers.

The trail to Arnarvatnsheidi South leads from the upper reaches of the Borgarfjordur region through a great lava field called Hallmundarhraun into the moor lands. The tracks are rough and require high clearance 4WD vehicles.

Most of the arctic char weight from 0,5 to 2,5 kg, while brown trout are most commonly weighting in at 1 to 3 kg.

Arnarvatnsheidi South – Fishing Packages

For the adventurous the Arnarvatnsheidi is the place to explore with almost endless opportunities for fishing & hiking. Some of the lakes and streams require serious walking to be visited, but many are accessible for high clearance 4WD vehicles. Our Arnarvatnsheidi South packages are specially designed for those who prefer to combine hiking with fishing, stay in tents and fish self-guided. The Arnarvatnsheidi South packages are price inclusive ground transport to and from the area as well as fishing permits. Packages suitable for group number of one person up to six. Each permit allows the angler to fish approximately 26 lakes located within the Arnarvatnsheidi South fishing area. The permit is as well valid for the areal interconnecting streams.

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