River Hrutafjardara – Salmon & Arctic Char

River Hrutafjardara is an excellent medium volume river located in the north west of Iceland. The river is fished with three rods at a time which offers a lot of space for its guests.

River Hrutafjardara or “Hruta” as usually called is well known for producing good sized salmon. Smolt releasing has made the river more consistent in terms of total catch. In addition the Hruta has frequently good runs of good sized sea char that are mostly caught in the bottom pools. Sea char in size from 9 up to 10 pounds have been caught in river Hruta.

Comfortable self-catering lodge is situated close to the river mouth. The lodge has all major facilities. Four twin-bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and sitting room. Also heating room for waders and veranda. Full board service can be provided upon request.

Driving: Main road. Reykjavik – river Hrutafjardara, approx 2 hours.